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Telegraph Ave Holiday Street Fair
P.O. Box 6385
Albany CA 94706


Grace Stotts




The Fair is located between Dwight Way and Bancroft Way near the U.C Campus in Berkeley

To reach the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair, take Bart to downtown Berkeley and ride the AC Transit to Telegraph Avenue.

For drivers plenty of parking is available in the Channing/Telegraph garage between Channing Way and Durant Avenue west of Telegraph and in the UC parking lot between Channing Way and Haste street east of Telegraph.



To our recently lost but not forgotten fellow artists:

Your beloved spirit is still here
with us and you will always be remembered.

    Miriam Stafford
    Michael Brady
    Erik Eisen
    John Talltree
    Magdalena Escobedo
    Keith Teague
    Nanette Tver
    Abel Padilla
    Pat Quinn
    Bernar Hunt
    Halim El Harrousi
    Terri Masella
    Allen Lee Frost (ALF)
    Pat Fenili
    David Braun
    Barry Sweeney
    Monica Curley
    Ralf Cook
    Pat Malone
    Shirley Burlingame
    Steve Phillips

Business Improvement District
An organization representing the store merchants on Telegraph Ave

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. When do I get my instructions; mailing?

A. In order to keep the price of the fair down, we do not do any mailings or send any written instructions. At the time of your phone booking, it is your responsibility to note and keep your information.
Maps will be available daily to verify spaces.

2. Q. What is the set up and break down time?

A. The street is closed to public traffic at 7:00AM on each Fair day. Vendors may begin set up at that time. No cars permitted on Telegraph Ave past 10:00AM. No cars permitted to remain on Telegraph Ave past 10:30 AM. This will be strictly enforced so that the show can begin at 11:00AM

3. Q. How do I know what space is mine?

A. The numbers are painted on the road.

4. Q. How do I get to my space #?

A. Telegraph Ave is a one-way street going north from Dwight Way up to Bancroft Ave. Even during Fair hours this traffic regulation is maintained. The Fair is 4 blocks long.
All spaces beginning with 100 are located between Durant and Bancroft, 200 between Channing and Durant, 300 between Haste and Channing, 400 between Dwight and Haste.
The police do not allow vehicles to back up, therefore you must enter from the bottom of your block. There is no thru traffic during Fair hours, and you must go around the block to your street.
Even #’s are on the left, odd #’s on the right.

5. Q. What about the Barricades?

A. The barricades will be in place from 7:00AM throughout the day. During set up, security guards will move the barricades for your entrance.

6. Q. Where do I check in?

A. There is no check-in. Please keep track of your own space #. If you cannot attend we will expect you to call. Fair organizers will be routinely roaming and checking.

7. Q. What is the unloading procedure?

A. Unload your goods and equipment at your space as quickly as possible. Do not set up until you have parked. The same goes for pack up. Do not bring your car in until you are completely packed up and ready to go.

8. Q. What is the departure time frame?

A. No cars permitted in for departure before 5:45PM. Streets will be cleaned between 6:00-7:00PM. At 7:00PM public traffic returns to Telegraph, and you may be cited by the police if your booth is still in the road.

9. Q. Is the set up time and break down time the same every day?

A. Yes!

10. Q. How do I reach the organizers with problems or questions?

A. We are located in front of Fat Slice Pizza between Channing and Durant. We can be reached throughout the day by radio via any corner security guard in orange staff vests.

11. Q. What are the parking alternatives for vendors?

A. They change yearly, and will be explained at the time of your booking.


Event Cooordinator
Event Co-coordinator
Grace Stotts